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Thursday, January 03, 2013 2:30 PM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

By Kelsey Warner

In my ideal world, I leave a networking event having met two new donors, a person willing to do some pro bono and enough free hors d’oeuvres so I don’t have to make dinner. Our ideal world puts a lot of pressure on us. And mostly never happens, which is why I’m happy there’s Wonder Women of Boston.

I went to my first Wonder Women event last August. I met people interested in talking about their neighborhoods, who were super honest about how they felt about their work, who commiserated when I ate half the cheese plate.  I even found a fabulous new advisory board member for SmallCanBeBig. It felt easy. Everyone was so nice. How was an hour out of my day so damn productive? Why was everyone so interesting?

I haven’t figured these things out yet. But what I do know is that a simple model is often the most effective. We weren’t there because of a common goal or shared interest. No panel was assembled nor product launched. We were just bein’ ladies.
But the interactions that were occurring were immediate. ‘You need a new logo? I know the greatest graphic designer, here’s her email.’ ‘You just moved to Porter Square? This is where the best market is for fresh produce.’ That sense of immediacy is part of what makes giving so rewarding. Wonder Women does this elegantly, so the people who attend their events feel like they have given of themselves and perhaps received something valuable in return.

SmallCanBeBig is the organization I run when not consuming cheese plates, and it is the lucky beneficiary of the networking event coming up in January. Part of what makes Wonder Women special is similar to SCBB – the impact of your giving is immediate. When you purchase your ticket for Wonder Women’s networking event, 100% of every dollar will go directly to a specific family in need. This money addresses rent or a utility bill or medical expense, so the impact of your donation is immediate – for you and for the family you’re helping. That 100% commitment is also true on our website. We partner with the best social services agencies in the state to identify families who can truly benefit from a one-time gift. Most of the families we help are headed by single moms, Wonder Women themselves. Some are overcoming domestic violence and need first and last month’s rent to start fresh. Others are recent immigrants or have children facing unexpected illnesses. Most are people who live right in Boston. Check out families who need some help right now here, and email me if you have any questions:

Can’t wait to meet you in January. I’ll be by the cheese.
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