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  • Thursday, March 09, 2017 8:33 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    Being good at interviews is a skill very few of us naturally possess. Most people spend several years at a company before looking for a new gig, and by the time they hit the job seeking circuit, they're out of practice. 

    Unfortunately, you're not given a do-over if you flub your first (or second, or third) in-person screen - and the pressure to perform well under stress can easily undermine your confidence. 

    What's an unemployed (or, unhappily employed) person to do?

    I've been both an interviewee and interviewer this year. Three months ago, I interviewed with several companies before landing my new job as Director of Marketing at ReferralMob. Shortly thereafter, I recruited and hired two direct reports.

    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that candidates who can turn an awkward, first date-esque scenario into an enjoyable experience will have the upper hand. 

    Here's my advice on how to ace your next interview, based on my experience sitting in the hot seat -- as well as on the other side of the table. 

    In order:


    Do your homework. 

    I can't emphasize this enough. Check out your employer-to-be's website, social media accounts, and blog. If you can install their app or download an eBook for free, do it. Your goal is to understand as much as you can about the company's ecosystem and where it fits so you can explain why you want to work there and what excites you about their mission. 

    As David Vencis, Associate Director of Startup Institute points out, doing your homework lets you flip the power dynamic during an interview and take an informed position right from the start. His suggestion? "Show you've thought about the challenges the company faces, and what keeps their prospects up at night."

    If you have time, take the research one step further and scope out the staff's LinkedIn profiles, user activity, and social media posts.

    All this legwork should arm you with talking points, relevant questions for your interviewer(s), and reasons why you want to work for this company -- not just a company. Specifics will always win the day.

    Rehearse stories. 

    Make sure you're able to handle any behavioral questions that pop up during the interview by preparing a set of stories that cover a number of scenarios. For example:

    • A time you successfully recovered from a failure at work
    • A time when you were especially proud of a project you completed
    • A time when you were juggling multiple deadlines and had to prioritize your work

    Aside from engaging your interviewer with anecdotes rather than simple talking points, you'll be able to counter the dreaded "So, tell me about yourself" with information that couldn't be found on your resume or LinkedIn profile.


    Show up no more than 10 minutes early. 

    If you show up earlier than that, hang out in a nearby coffee shop. It's likely your interviewer needs time to prep themselves or their team before you arrive, and you don't want to throw them off their schedule unnecessarily.

    Use any extra time to play some psych-out music, take deep breaths, or watch a video to get loose - anything you need to do to relax before heading to your destination.

    Own the room. 

    Once you've arrived for your interview, smile warmly, make eye contact, and shake hands with your future teammates. Body language is a huge part of projecting confidence - and even if you don't feel it, others will. 

    Ease into the conversation.

    Remember: You need to be the person your interviewer can envision spending days and weeks sitting next to. Make small talk! Ask them about themselves. 

    This approach will help you steer clear of any interrogation vibes and turn the interview into more of a discussion among peers.

    Show genuine interest.

    Be curious:

    • Ask questions about the product, the people who use it, and the company's long-term goals. What would make you -- and the company -- successful?
    • Get a sense of how the company positions itself against competitors
    • Find out who had the position before you, and any lessons learned
    • Inquire how this role would complement the roles of other team members

    Remember to take note of any answers that you may want to follow up on later, and ask for each interviewer's business card so you can thank them for this opportunity later on.

    *Pro Tip: Ask to go to the bathroom*

    This may sound silly, but if you're meeting with multiple people over several hours (very common in the startup industry), excuse yourself halfway through and take a quick break. You can use the time to gather your thoughts and prepare for the next few rounds.

    Display your expertise. 

    Some employers care more about the way you think than how much experience you have with a given task or tool. Each question your interviewer asks is a chance to explain how you tackle workplace challenges, and therefore help them predict how you will approach different facets of the job. 

    It's also a chance to:

    • Offer any ideas you may have for how the company can improve its services
    • Share any observations on past projects in terms of what worked, what didn't work, and lessons you learned - and how you can apply these lessons to your future job
    • Cite data on how your past work led to measurable, positive results


    Does this sound familiar?

    Smile warmly, make eye contact, and shake hands with your future teammates. 

    As soon as you get home, follow up with a thank you note containing details on what you enjoyed learning about the company, and confirming your continued interest in the role. You can either send a group thank you note, or individual emails.

    That's it from me. If you'd like more career advice, check out my previous article, 6 Proven Paths to Getting Hired. And if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments!

    Juliana is the Director of Marketing at ReferralMob, where she's on a mission to matchmake job seekers with great local companies who are hiring. She's been a member of Wonder Women since 2012, and keeps coming back for the knowledge sharing and fantastic networking opportunities.

  • Wednesday, December 07, 2016 2:17 PM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    "Sugar & Spice" Story Slam Rings in the Holidays

    December 7, 2016 – Storytelling is as integral to family gatherings as awkward politics. So why not get a jumpstart on the holiday season by sharing stories – minus the debates – with strangers instead?

    On Tuesday, December 13th, Massmouth will hold a story slam on the theme "Sugar & Spice" at Trident Booksellers & Café in Boston's Back Bay. Audience members are invited to put their names in the hat to tell a true 5-minute story on their interpretation of the theme. Stories could run the gamut from the gastro-inspired to the abstractly sweet and spicy. 

    The night's featured teller is Jeanne Dasaro, founder of Wonder Women of Boston, a network of ambitious area females made of much more than "sugar and spice and everything nice." A storyteller in multiple media, Dasaro has been featured in The Boston Globe, O, Oprah Magazine, Boston Magazine, and Boston.com, among many outlets. As a videographer, she has collected invaluable stories of Boston's North End in the North End Stories project. 

    As with all Massmouth story slams, storytellers will be picked from the hat at random and scored by a panel of judges. The judges' top two picks and an audience-voted favorite will advance to the semi-finals round for a chance to compete at the Big Mouth Off, Boston's storytelling finals competition.

    Dinner and drinks will be available at the show. To purchase tickets, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/massmouth-sugar-spice-slam-trident-tickets-28116172228

                            WHAT: "Sugar & Spice" Story Slam
                            WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 7-9 p.m. Doors open at 6pm.
                            WHERE: Trident Booksellers & Café, 338 Newbury St.
                            COST: $10 online or at the door      

    #     #     #

    About Massmouth:

    Massmouth is non-profit organization that promotes the timeless art of storytelling in Massachusetts. Its community partners include WGBH, Club Passim, Trident Booksellers Emerson University and The City of Boston. It has won regional and national awards and grants to produce events and introduce storytelling into local school curriculums. Learn more about Massmouth at www.massmouth.org.

  • Sunday, March 01, 2015 10:53 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    As Wonder Women of Boston continues to grow, we are looking for a few great people to join our event committee. Are you personable, committed to the work we do, and have a knack for working with venues, sponsors, and logistics?

    In addition to the above mentioned, you should be able to attend quarterly meetings, support 3-4 events per year, and host 1 sip+share near your home or work. 

    Applications are due by March 30, 2015. 

  • Saturday, October 18, 2014 8:05 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    The end of summer is upon us, and Wonder Women of Boston partner LUNA Bar wants to remind you that a new season can also bring a new approach to snacking!  We understand it can be tricky to stay balanced and healthy when you're also trying to "do it all!”


    LUNA bars are a healthy indulgence to keep you and your colleagues feeling energized and prevent the midday crash.  LUNA Protein delivers 12 grams of protein in one delicious, gluten-free bar, to keep you going.


    Fall into Flavor: 

    LUNA Protein Lemon Vanilla


    LUNA Protein Chocolate Coconut Almond


    The first 20 respondents to contact LUNA will receive a product package for you and your colleagues.


    Email with the subject line "I WANT TO FEED MY STRENGTH AT WORK." Include your name, contact information and work address. LUNA does the rest!


    No purchase necessary. Offer ends October 21.



    Respond to:



  • Thursday, April 10, 2014 9:24 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    Wonder Women of Boston hosted a Strength & Courage Series highlighting Women in Design on April 3, 2014 in Boston, MA. 

    This dialogue focused on Design in Boston and beyond and featured four speakers Margaret Jacobi, Principal Designer of Digital Experience at Essential; 

    Karen Korellis Reuther is a creative and brand strategy consultant; Sonya Mead, Director of Digital Experiences at Essential; and Avni Trivedi, owner of Avni Fashion Brands. 

    The event was a chance to hear from local artists and cultural leaders about challenges they've experienced over the course of their career and turning points along the way that made all the difference for them.

    Below you will find photos from the event as well as a recorded podcast.

  • Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:16 PM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    Earlier this year, in partnership with Project Repat, we launched the Create a Million Dollar Business Challenge, a 6-week business accelerator for growing consumer good companies in the greater Boston area.

    We are happy to announce the winners of our 2014 competition, two awesome women-owned companies, JHill Designs and Lallitara!

    Scroll down to take advantage of a few special offers for Wonder Women of Boston members and learn more about these two local companies!

    Meet the Winners!
    JHill Designs
    Jennifer Hill of JHill Design cultivates wanderlust and cures the homesick by combining place-inspired patterns with clean typography for her line of Map and City Prints. JHill captures the spirit of a place by listening to people's stories about locations they hold dear before she begins to draw. The prints are designed and made at her Boston-based studio in the flourishing area of Fort Point.

    You can see JHill's Map and City Prints at jhilldesign.com.

    Sign up for the JHill Design email list and receive a 25% coupon code for your next order.
    LALLITARA is a environmentally conscious apparel and accessories brand. We create stylish, colorful, one-of-a-kind products by breathing new life into vintage sari fabrics. Our functional pieces allow you to showcase your sense of style while benefiting others. In particular, your purchase allows us to provide fair wages to India’s informal recycling community, and support the 'Made in America' movement by manufacturing domestically.

    Shop all of LALLITARA's styles at www.lallitara.com.

    Signup for the Lallitara mailing list and receive a code for 30% off your purchase!

  • Wednesday, April 02, 2014 9:52 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    This March, local legend  Laura  Fitton, a.k.a. @Pistachio will video chat live on the world’s first “video chat for a cause” platform, Wizeo. Laura has earned international renown as a social media superstar. She authored Twitter for Dummies, started the first ever Twitter-consultancy and is now Inbound Marketing Evangelist at Hubspot.  She will do a live Q&A, on video chat, with all supporters of her campaign to Charity:Water..

    To gain insight that will help you take your online business or career to the next level , head over to Laura’s campaign page on Wizeo and activate the promo code WIZEOWWB, created especially for Wonder Women of Boston members. The promo code is your admission to this exclusive online event and gives $1, on Wizeo, to Charity:Water. Hurryundefinedthere’s only a few days left to join!

    wizeo logo.png

    About Wizeo

    Wizeo offers exclusive video chats with interesting and influential people, each known as a Wiz, to help nonprofits raise support and awareness for their causes. This revolutionary crowdgiving platform offers an effective triple win-win experience. The nonprofit wins by expanding their reach and acquiring new donors at no up-front cost. The donor wins by getting memorable face-time interaction with a Wiz. Wizzes win by activating their star power and influence towards a cause they care about. Wizeo is based in Boston, MA.

  • Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:02 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    Wonder Women of Boston hosted its first Strength & Courage Series of 2014 on March 20, 2014 in Boston, MA. 

    This dialogue focused on Arts & Culture in Boston and featured four speakers 

    Elizabeth Devlin is an independent curator, art consultant, and founder of FLUX; Donna Dodson sculptor and speaker; Malia Lazu, Executive Director of Future Boston Alliance; and Destiny Palmer, painter and teacher. 

    The event was a chance to hear from local artists and cultural leaders about challenges they've experienced over the course of their career and turning points along the way that made all the difference for them.

    Below you will find photos from the event as well as a recorded podcast.

  • Sunday, December 22, 2013 10:53 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)
    Building a successful career or business takes a lot oftime and drive, soit’s good to have a network of friends and associatesto draw energy from and keep you going. By surrounding yourself with people who share a similar drive and ambition, you are more likely to keep moving forward! 

    Sign up for a Wonder Women of Boston membership before December 31, 2013 and receive a free membership to give to a friend, colleague, or one of our community partners. 

    Already a member? R
    eceive a free membership to give by renewing your membership before December 31! 

    Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events in 2014! 
    January 8: Fort Point Sip+Share 
    January 28: Bi-Annual Networking Event 
    February 15: South Boston Sip+Share
  • Friday, October 04, 2013 10:52 AM | Wonder Women of Boston (Administrator)

    By Erica Nunnally

    My nine year old daughter came home with the most spectacular homework assignment for the weekend. For a class called Practical Life, she was asked to keep track of all the things she does to take care of herself for three days. She came up with things like brushing my teeth, eating three healthy meals and two awesome snacks, getting a complete night’s sleep, reading a book, watching a show with my Mom, finishing an art project...the list went on and on. It was wonderful to see her awareness build with each act of self-care. It made me wonder...how long would my list be? What would qualify as self-care and what would I simply be adding to the list so that I wouldn’t feel so personally neglected?

    Granted my nine year old only has herself to look after, but I believe the lesson can still be applied regardless of our age. So I put myself on a nine day challenge to see if I could tune into the freedom and free-spirit of my own inner nine year old. After three days, I decided that ‘grooming’ would count as one...so of the three days, my longest list was only six items: grooming, eating five small meals (rather than skipping any), enjoying the fall foliage in Vermont on a drive with my hubby, curling my feet under myself on the sofa and enjoying a cup of tea, turning all of my tech off at 9:30pm, and meditating on the front porch in the moonlight. 

    Now, I’m a competitive, type A yogi...so, I decided on day four, I was going beat my own record. I figure there will be times that I would be able to trade the time spent with my hubby for reading a good book or a girls weekend, etc. So I decided to focus on small things that I might be able to add. On day four, I put on a spritz of perfume. And you know what?...that 10 seconds was time well spent. It really elevated my spirits for the whole day. On day five, rather than immediately going for ‘seconds’ on dinner...I decided to wait 20 minutes and passed the time by chatting with my children while they finished eating instead. Turned out I was already satisfied. On day six, I was really generous, I gave myself a face lift. I chose to smile at everyone that I interacted with that day. On day seven, I wrote a thank you note to myself and popped it in the mail to my home address. On day eight, I bought a stellar bottle of wine and an incredible selection of cheeses to enjoy as a spontaneous mini-date night ‘in’ with the hubby after the children went to bed. And on day nine...

    This is where it got really interesting. Day nine marked the beginning of an on-going experiment that blossomed from this whole Personal Care Challenge. 

    On day nine, I wrote down 3 mistakes, regrets, booboos, mishaps, and blunders that befell me that day. I read it over, acknowledging them for a 'just' amount of time. Then I ripped that page out of the notebook, crumpled it up and threw it away. I turned to a new page. I wrote down 3 accomplishments, successes, good things, wish I could repeat-ers, and moments of happiness that struck me that day. I pulled that page out, folded it up and placed it under my pillow. When I woke up in the morning, I retrieved that piece of paper from under my pillow, opened it up and read it. Such gratitude! Not to mention a great night’s sleep. I may be 30 years her senior, but that 9 year old taught me a truly fun way to lighten my load, lift my spirits, and be present.

    I invite you to take your own Personal Care Challenge and feel free to share your happenings with me on my Facebook page, Erica Lynn Yoga.

    If you ride this all the way to Day Nine or simply dive right into Day Nine remember these two rules: 

    • Even if you experience what one might call a shit-storm of a day...only write down three “bad” things. Then rip that page out, throw it away and be done with that. You should sleep easier having discarded those things. 
    • Even if you experience nothing but sunshine and rainbows that day...only write down three “good” things. Start your day with simple gratitude.


    To support this year’s focus on cultivating balance, we bring you a few tips from yogi, mother, and entrepreneur, Erica Lynn Nunnally, MA, RYT, Usui Reiki Master; guiding principal of Erica Lynn Yoga, a studio without walls.  

    Erica has been a practicing yogi for over 20 years. Her journey home was full of twists and turns. Along her path, Erica has been employed as an account executive in a trendy advertising and design firm, she designed, built and owned an ice cream and dessert cafe in Boston, and owned and operated an interior design firm on the South Shore. 

    Erica offers group and private yoga instruction in and around Boston and the South Shore. She also leads retreats both domestically and internationally, her next upcoming retreat is to Costa Rica.

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